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  • How to Contest a Will in Texas

    || 13-Apr-2015

    The details of a will can have resounding and lasting effects on those involved, or excluded. Inheriting fortunes or property could build substantially better chances for loved ones while being given no assets may cripple someone who was expecting some sort of benefit from the will. If you feel that a will has not been properly drafted or that it assigns portions of property unfairly, you may have ...
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  • What is a Will Contest?

    || 13-Jan-2013

    What Is a Will Contest? A will contest is a lawsuit filed by a person with an interest in an estate when he or she believes the will was created when the testator lacked capacity, was unduly influenced, or had his name forged. "Testator" is the legal term for a person that executes a will. (Just as a "settlor" is the legal name for a person creating a trust.) This is a very ...
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