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Denton Probate Attorney

In 1846 the county of Denton was established in the State of Texas. Only eight decades later, Norris & Weber, PLLC opened its doors the residents of the state. Now, the law firm has been proudly representing the family and loved ones of individuals who have passed away in Denton for more than eight decades. In all areas of probate law, our legal team can assist those in need.

From suspicions of a breach of fiduciary duty to attempts to establish legal guardianship, we are the firm to help you successfully accomplish the legal tasks set before you.

In a city that is home to more than 113,000 residents, Norris & Weber, PLLC has become a viable legal source for those looking to effectively settle an issue that requires estate or probate litigation. We are also prepared to help residents in the area move forward with the division of community property after a loved one has passed away, and we can offer our knowledge and skills in many other areas of the law as well. Located in the north eastern region of the state, Denton County is only a short driver away from our office, where we will gladly meet with you to review the logistics of your case.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

At Norris & Weber, PLLC we strive to provide our clients with everything they need and more, especially at such a difficult time in their lives. Experiencing the loss of a loved one can be more than difficult to cope with, but when you have our legal team on your side we will try our best to make it proceed as smooth as possible, even if the matter requires litigation. When you are looking for representation to address the matters of your probate4 case, we encourage you to call our office for the help you both need and deserve.

In 1926, Norris & Weber, PLLC began serving residents of Texas with their probate legal issues, and to this day we continue to do the same for the clients we represent. Collectively, our legal team can offer more than 85 years of experience and professional knowledge to the individuals we represent in Denton and other areas throughout the State of Texas.

We would be more than happy to do the same for you; contacting our office is as easy as filling out the case evaluation form we provide on this site or calling us today.

We are prepared to take on the distinct nuances of each and every legal case that comes our way, so do not hesitate to contact Norris & Weber, PLLC today for the professional assistance you need.