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CNBW Attorneys Speak Around the Metroplex

Attorneys at Calloway, Norris, Burdette and Weber are called upon to speak to other lawyers regarding their various areas of expertise.

Mary C. Burdette and Brandy Baxter-Thompson spoke to the Dallas Bar Association at the Friday Clinic held at the Belo regarding Litigation in Probate Courts. Their topic covered a wide array of topics including will contests, breach of fiduciary duty suits in estates and trusts, Section 75 demand for delivery of will, marital-related causes of action, contested guardianships, creditor's claims and many more. A handout was provided that included a list of topics in litigation with cases and code sections cited.

Scott D. Weber and Nikki Wolff recently spoke to the Real Estate, Probate and Trust Section of the Denton County Bar Association on the topic ofFiduciary Pitfalls under Powers of Attorney and Other Instruments. In their presentation, they covered fiduciary duties and powers of an agent as well as remedies and other practical solutions for dealing with any breaches. For a copy of their presentation, please click here.

John R. Norris III spoke at the DVAP Guardian Ad Litem Certification Course along with the Dallas County Probate Judges and other experienced probate, guardianship, and elder law practitioners. The seminar permits an attorney to qualify for State Bar Certification of Attorney Ad Litem in the Probate Courts.Mr. Norris spoke to the attendees about the duties and responsibilities of serving as guardian, liability of guardians for acts of ward, and the guardian's authority to issue advance directives and to withhold/withdraw life sustaining medical treatment.